Blog Redesign aka Blog MOVE!

20 Oct

After some careful consideration, I made the executive decision to move my blog.

There were several reasons behind this move,which I’ll explain in detail over at the new blog.  I have added the new link to my twitter, and this blog will remain open in order to reference previous blogs.    You’ll see some fresh new looks coming to the new blog in the near future.

A Reel Lady NEW BLOG

Go check it out 30 day blog challenge day 3 is already up, and I’ll have a in depth post about the move over there tomorrow sometime!

30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2

20 Oct

Day two entails me describing the meaning behind my blog name.

A Reel Lady

Well this came from me *thinking* of starting a blog about my adventures in learning to shoot a bow, and bow hunting.   I’ve hunted with a rifle for years (over half my life), hunted fowl with a shotgun, and I’ve been fishing for the past 4 years.   I know and readily admit to not being the most *ladylike girl* most of my friends know.   Many of our trapshooting friends often have said “Well Glynn, *that* wasn’t very ladylike.”   About things I’ve said, done, etc.   My response has always been (jokingly of course) “Well no one ever said I was a lady.”   While I can be a girly girl, and I love to get pedicures, manicures, and shop (on occasion).  I’m still a tomboy at heart.   I love the outdoors, hunting, and fishing.    That’s where the name comes together.   Since I’m not too ladylike, and I love to fish, I decided a play on words would be best.

Corny – yes  Fitting – yes Possible boat name – yes

So there you have it.  That’s how I came up with the A Reel Lady blog name.


19 Oct

What does OBN stand for?   Outdoor Blogger Network

It was launched October 18th, and already has 60 (or possibly more now) members.   I would say that it’s growing quite quickly.   I am one of the members.

I believe whole heartedly in the passion that lights outdoorsmen and women.   Outdoorsmen and women are some of the most resourceful, giving, passionate, and creative people I have ever met.   I have no doubt in my mind that the Outdoor Blogger Network will showcase some of the finest outdoor, hunting, fishing, backpacking, photography, and camping blogs out there.   And trust me there is TON of great outdoors focused writers out there, and they are a heck of a knowledgeable group!   They aren’t just hillbillies or rednecks with computers (like myself :-P ).  They are educated, business men and women that just so happen to be passionate about the outdoors, and all it has to offer.

I said all that to say this, go check it out!

Wild Jacka…..Donkeys?!?!?!

19 Oct

So The Hubs and I bought a house a little over a year ago, before our pending nuptials.  We had been house hunting for several months when we found our *dream* home (* in my language has emphasis, yup I’m annoying like that).   It was a well kept, yet older home a few miles outside of the town The Hubs is on the fire department in.   Well we purchased and began remodeling.   We had an elderly woman across the road, and her grandson took care of the farm land around her house.   Well there were 3 donkeys and a mini pony (shetland?  I don’t know my pony breeds.   I’m a horse girl.) in the pasture west of her house, across from part of our yard.

The donkeys seemed relatively unproblematic.   They stayed in the pen, chased each other, and munched on weeds.   What I thought Donkeys did.   Well we witnessed the donkeys effectively “tree” one of our cats.   Yes, they chased our cat up the tree.   Darn our rowdy trespassing cat.

Today however the donkeys got a little too rambunctious.  I was laying on the couch like a bum, and The Hubs was standing in front of the windows and this is the following conversation.

The Hubs- “Holy *cow* the donkeys are OUT and running towards the road.”

Me – “What you are full of it!”

The Hubs – “NO REALLY!  Get up and put shoes on we’ve got to put them in.”

I get up, and look.   He really wasn’t full of it.   We tried to get them in however they took off like little jet powered donkeys.   The neighbor’s son showed up, and went to check to see what all was missing from the pasture.   In the meantime another neighbor saw the wild donkeys and rounded them up with a pickup, and whip and got them back in.

How did they get out you ask?   They aren’t super donkeys, nope.   Someone left the gate WIDE open, and they made their escape from that wide open gate.


30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

19 Oct

So sometimes I have writers block, and sometimes I have nothing of any use to say…..wait that’s most of the time.   So I figured this would A. Give everyone some insight to who I am, and what this “reel lady” is all about.  B.  Keep me from getting TOO brain blocked, and start shamefully lagging behind on my blogging.   So if you are out there reading this stuff leave me some comments, and if you want join in on the fun.   I found it over at Hydrantgirl and her Firefighter: 30 Day Challenge.


Today’s challenge includes a picture ^^^^.   Introduce yourself, which I’m about to, and 15 things about ME!

I’m Glynn.   I’m a recent college grad (almost a year ago to be technical).   A newly married bride, to my sweet Firefightin man.    I work in the mental health field.   Every day brings new things in my job, and it’s very interesting.  I’m an avid hunter, fisherwoman, and outdoorswoman.   I basically love the outdoors and being in them.   I’m somewhat of a walking contradiction, but it works for me.

1.  This will be the most random of all.   I have one leg that is shorter than the other.   It happened via an accident when I was a kid.   If anyone besides my sweet cousins (Lame Adventures Blog)can guess how it happened I’ll blog about your blog sometime this week.   I don’t have anything super neat to give away.

2.  Okay I’m a tomboy (seriously I wear a baseball hat 50% of the time if I can get away with it, hence the photo), but I LOVE LOVE LOVE big huge gigantic turquoise and other stone necklaces.   I swear they give me headaches, but they are a weakness.   If it’s huge, chunky, brightly colored, adorned with crystals, and weighs approx 10lbs.  I will buy it and wear it.

3.  I dislike with a fiery passion – shopping at the grocery store and walmart.   Too many people in one small space, and the lines are horrendous.

4. I have a plant in my office that I “water” with water, gatorade, and the ocassional Dr. Pepper.  It is thriving and fabulous, however my plant at my house is doing horrible.   I water the plant at my house with WATER and that’s it.   It’s pretty well dead.   I do not have green a thumb.

5.  While I am a self proclaimed outdoorswoman, I hate the dark.  Walking to or from the deer stand in the dark KILLS me.   I can’t see in the dark very well, so it bothers me.  The sweet Hubs can supposedly “see better with no flashlight.”   So we have a battle about if I can use the flashlight or not while we are walking to and from the stand when it’s dark.

6. Whistling is a pet peeve of mine.  I cannot stand it when others whistle.   I however cannot whistle myself, so I think it’s a subconscious jealousy of mine.

7.  While the name of my blog is directly related to fishing, not everything I post here or have posted relates to fishing and hunting.   I’m a complex gal, ask my poor but sweet Husband, who has purchased me everything from a super fancy car alarm (to protect my trap gun while traveling and shooting), to a fishing pole, to diamond earrings for gifts.   I keep him throughly confused about if I’m more of a girl or more of a tom boy.  It keeps life interesting.

8. I LOVE photography.   Seriously it’s a huge passion of mine.   I am sorely disappointed that I can’t lug my DSLR out into the woods and take photos with it from the stand.  However it makes *loud* whirs and clicks, that you can’t shut off.

9. I have grown up in the rolling red dirt hills (shout out if you haven’t seen red dirt, contact me I can take photos or even MAIL you some.   I only say this because I’ve had turkey hunters out before who bottled it up and took it home :) ), but I LOVE the coast.   I seriously feel like I should have been born a little closer to the ocean.  Then I remember my painfully pale skin, and realize that God had other intentions.   Like me not looking like a lobster permanently.

10.  I am OBSESSED with Swamp People (on the History Channel).   I feel like had I grown up there well I’d be a rock awesome gator hunter of course, but I’d surely need something bigger than a .22 to get the job done.   Well I might not I am a crack shot you know, but I’m a scaredy cat too!

11.  I am a very avid cook.   I love trying new things in the kitchen, but I’m a very picky eater.   I don’t eat fish or venison (someone’s gonna flame me for that I have a feeling, but I can explain….I’ll save it for it’s own blog post).   I need an outdoorswoman cookbook, so I can learn to cook all the awesome stuff we have in our freezer.

12. I had nightmares about the SAW movie….As an adult.    Since then I haven’t seen another.   That little white mask with the “rosy red cheeks” creeps me OUT!

13.   Once in my life I was a cheerleader.   If you know me you know how hard this is to believe, but it’s true.

14.  I want to meet the person who leaves the phone book on my door step.  I’m crazy I know, but I really just want to see if it’s a phone book elf or what.  :)

15.   I learned how to fish a little over 4 years ago.   I had fished a few times before, but The Hubs got me into fishing early in our dating life, and I LOVE it.   I got *hooked,* and he wasn’t expecting it.

Thursday Randoms: Photo Edition

14 Oct

To change it up a little today’s Thursday Randoms are going to be in the form of photos.


1. My sweet husband and I together on our last day of our honeymoon.   For some reason I love this photo, and I don’t know why.

2. Another photo from our honeymoon.   This is one of my few good “fighting” photos. The Hubs kept telling me “REEL, REEL,”  and my response was “It’s hard to reel when it’s spooling you, SHUT UP!”   I’m sure the guide thought we were the worst honeymooners ever, but he only wanted me to “reel, reel,” so he could get a photo like this.   Turned out pretty nice.

3.  This little guy was at a Marina in Key West (how vague right :) )   We were on a dinner cruise, and there was music blaring.   That “I’m on a boat song” to be exact, and this little presumably intoxicated fellow danced us a jig.

4. This was during our first dance.   We were two stepping (I refused to slow dance like an 8th grader) to Brad Paisley’s Then, and I’m pretty sure we didn’t listen to a word of it.  I’m pretty sure we talked the ENTIRE time, and he was cracking inappropriate but hilarious jokes.

5.   This photo is from the money dance during our wedding.   The fellow you see in the left is my Husband’s great uncle.   He could dance better than any young man I know, and he surprised me when he started spinning, and cutting a rug.  Hence the hilarious look on my face, and his looking like “HA gotcha!”

6.   Yours truly in the middle there, shooting.  See my fabulous zebra shell bag!  It’s amazing.   I love this photo because my dad is on my left, and my husband is on my right.   We’re all doing something we enjoy immensely.   I however am disappointed in OTA’s lack of mowing.   It’s because they lost their fabulous trap help.   Just kidding.   But if you click the link someone you know might be at the top of it as well.  :)   I’m kinda famous, errr not really.

7.  Speaking of famous!   Who is this guy, and why isn’t his shirt buttoned????   And who is the crazy redhead next to him, with the silly sash on.   Eh I have no idea about either, and I’m moving on now.

8.   I had to share this.   I have no real explanation for this, besides it’s outside a quick stop along I40, and I had to laugh at the titling on it.


9.   No photo, but leave me some comments :)   I appreciate comments!!!   Really Really Do!   Plus I’m nosy and wanna know who is lurking out there!

Gear Review: The Crush Limited Edition Scent Lok (Ladies)

12 Oct

So this is my first year of bow hunting, and I had to have new fancy gear for it.   Scent controlling gear.

I purchased The Crush Limited Edition Jacket for Ladies and The Crush Limited Edition Pants for Ladies, as well as ladies’ Scent Lok base layers.

Pros of the Jacket –  Excellent range of motion.   It’s very easy to draw my bow.   There are TONS of pockets.    The pass through port for your harness can be zipped up if you aren’t hunting from a tree stand.  The wrists zip and velcro as to make it easy to wear layers, or put your gloves on underneath your jacket.   Excellent length!   I have a problem with jackets not being long enough, but this one is!  My side-arm (pistol) which is strong hand holstered on my hip is very easily accessed.

Cons of the Jacket –  No hood.   I seriously appreciate a hood very much!  Sleeves are pretty “form-fitting”, which might be a plus when bow-hunting, but layering a lot (rifle deer season here is COLD) would be problematic.

Pros of the Pants – Magnetic front hip pockets!  SERIOUSLY AMAZING!  I shoot with a thumb release, so being able to stow my release in my front hip pocket and get it out with NO sound what-so-ever!  GREAT!   They are really easy to get around in, climbing the stand was really easy.

Cons of the Pants – The zippers on the bottoms.  I know they have a reason, but I stuff my pants in my hunting boots thanks to stickers/sandburrs/whatever you call them in your neck of the woods.   I use a knife to scrape them off my boots later on, so the zippers dig into my legs when my boots are laced up tight.  Sort of a con, but I get why they are there.

Overall – Great product!  Love mine.  In OK during archery season it could be 90* outside, or it could be 20*.  We sat out Saturday and it was a nice 85* or so, and I was a little toasty, but Sunday it was 60* when we packed up to leave the stand and I was still plenty warm, which is amazing because I’m very cold natured.  Very versatile, and I love mine!   I sort of wish they made the jacket in black (or non camo), so that I could wear it everyday!

This review is all my own.  I purchased all the gear myself, and is in no way shape or form connected to Scent Lok or The Crush Tv.


First Bowhunting Experience

11 Oct

So that might be a bit of a tale.  I went once a few years ago, and we sat on the ground, and I slept the whole time.   In my defense it was cold, the ground was soft, and hey I WAS being quiet that way.   Well now that we have the fancy stand in the perfect tree we get to sit together and hunt together.

Well Saturday evening we went out, after the sweet hubs and I had a very heated discussion about using his “scent killer” (not what it’s called I’m sure, it’s green and smells like lake water) shampoo.   Seriously, this hair, doesn’t use just shampoo.  Unless you want it to go CRAZY, this hair must must must have conditioner!   Which I think I’ve found some Dead Down Wind shampoo and conditioner, WOOHOO scent free and conditioned!  What I need!  We have a little bit of a walk to get to our stand, well I’m in full Scentlok midweight camo, with baselayers on, and it’s about 85*.    Let’s just say it was a little warm when we got to the stand at about 5pm.  (We were running a little behind due to scheduling conflicts of events Hubs needed to attend for the Fire Dept)

Well we sit, sit, and sit until about 6:20 or so and I hear footsteps in front of us.   Well I’m about 90% sure it isn’t a deer considering there isn’t much for a deer to walk on in front of us.  Our stand is right next to water, on one side, and it goes up the direction I could hear walking.  It turns out to be about 5 “yearling” (ra)coons. They trotted right under our stand and swam across the marsh-y-ish water next to us.   About 5 minutes later I heard something at the bottom of the stand.   It was a coon, and it was about 4 feet of the ground headed up to the stand.   Now I’m scared of anything that could carry rabies (it didn’t look like it had it), but I do not want those stupid horrible shots, so I’m an wiggling and maybe freaking out a little, so the hubs moved his feet around and it jumped down and scampered off.

About 6:40 a nice “little 8pt” buck comes walking in.   The Hubs stands and gets his bow ready, well he had forgotten his release in the truck (we already knew this about 5 minutes after getting in the stand), so he never drew on the buck.  He ended up just letting him eat some and then the pretty guy just walked off.    (He was the picture of just a really nice “8pt” whitetail.)

Then about 7:00 some quail come trotting into the feeder, and are hanging out eating underneath it.   By quail I mean about 30 or so quail, fat little stinkers too.   Well the feeder went off at 7:15 and the quail flushed (flew off for all you non hunters/non bird hunters) and when they flushed something big and huge JUMPED out of the grass after them.  It was alot of commotion, and then once the birds were gone I noticed it was a bobcat.   I’ve seen them before walking around, but never actively hunting and attacking things.   It was really neat.

There were also some wood ducks who are resident to our “marshy-ish” river pond thing.  It was a river until beavers dammed it up, and now it’s got a bunch of cat tails etc, so I’m sort of unsure how to describe it.   Basically Saturday night was a great night to watch nature, and just be in the field.

To clarify some questions,  I did not have my bow in the stand that night.   I hadn’t shot it in a week or so, and I like to practice a little before going into the field with anything, and we didn’t have time for me to, so I didn’t take my bow, and I didn’t have a release to loan The Hubs, who is still beating himself up for not taking his.

We got the memory card out of the trail camera that night after we were done hunting, and realized the camera had a low battery.   After a WEEK of being out the battery is dead.  Really that’s super frustrating.   Well we got back to my parents house, and got the camera’s memory card hooked up to iPhoto (we’re technologically advanced rednecks like that :) ), and we had 11 pictures.  Are you stinkin kidding me 11 pictures after all the activity we’d seen that night.   Our battery must have been low from the START!   All 11 photos were at night (also weird), and they were all bucks.   Mr “Little But Nice 8pt” was actually quite a looker, and quite a freaking GREAT 9pt bow buck.   He had some really interesting tines, and some mass to all his rack.   He was really nice.   There was also this nice looking 7 pt (and we aren’t rack hunters, usually we weed out management bucks).   The 7 pt looked older than the 9 pt.   So maybe I’ll get a shot at one of the two with my bow.  The Hubs wants me to shoot the 9pt with my bow, so he can hang it on the wall.

Overall I’m totally looking forward to the rest of the season, and getting a new fancy bow for Christmas.   Hint Hint to The Hubs if he’s reading this.   Gear review coming later this week over my newly purchased Scentlok.

The Hubs and I.   Pretty sure my head was sweating when this was taken!

Can you see us in the shadows on the ground?

Random Thursday

7 Oct

1.  I have to divulge a secret here.   I actually start writing this post Wednesday evening.

2. I won a super neat hat over at Hydrant Girl’s Blog.   I never win anything, so this is EXCITING.   It’s from Pink Heals Tour which is a bunch of firefighters and police officers who are out raising money and awareness for breast cancer.  It is breast cancer awareness month folks.   I will put away my disdain for pink this month, and support it!   As all of you should.

3.  My allergies are kicking my butt.  If you’ve seen the twitter posts you’ll know this.   For the most part, I love Oklahoma, but this time and late spring I HATE!  My allergies go bananas.   B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

4. I ended up ordering the scentlok with the pink zipper pulls.   Maybe I’ll cut them off and replace them with some fabulous zebra ones :)   Oh wait, I’m not going to hate pink this month.  Maybe I’ll do that next month.

5.So I’m a major ditz.   I washed all of The Hubs scent lok last Friday because he was going to go hunting Saturday night.   Fine and dandy minus the fact he failed to mention (how the heck would he know anyways) that the heavy winter stuff wouldn’t dry unless it was turned inside out.   Well I dry the crap, and activate it (another hour in the dryer), and shove it all in the stoopid (yes spelled like that.  it is THAT stupid) airtight bag that was approximately 25% smaller than all his gear and close it.   Well Sat afternoon he goes to get dressed and finds out the heavy gear was WET inside of it!  And mildewey.  Thankfully it’s still pretty warm here so he could wear his light gear and be fine. I washed everything again Sunday and dried it appropriately.   (This should have been it’s own blog post)

6.  Heck 5 was a doozy enough for 6.

7. Anyone know if those goofy looking “Heater Body Suits” work?   The hubs thinks I need one for deer/waterfowl (not in the water waterfowling), because I’m a permanent state of cold when we are hunting.   I think I’d like one, but then I fear I’d fall out of my stand (I’d wear the dadgum harness I swear, but still falling with a harness on still has to hurt when it all pulls tight .  I’ve seen how those things fit!).

8. I love Daylight Doughnuts.   That’s all that needs to be said.  Just had one and it was delish.

9.  Look at the twitter >>>> OVER THERE>>>>>>   I was driving around this morning for work, and I saw in a local *Ranch/Rustic* style home decor store that they had pink camo recliners.   Pretty sure Bass Pro doesn’t even carry that horrendous-ness.   WHY do people think pink & camo go together.


Personal Safety

5 Oct

After reading a friend’s facebook status yesterday, I knew I had to blog about this.  It’s something I’m very very passionate about.   This said friend is in college, and lives with roommates.  My friend is apparently an avid door locker, while her roommates seem to forget their keys alot.   She got alot of grief over the status.   I posted on it about how she was doing the right thing, only to have some college age teeny bopper lash out at me.  Whatever darlin, you’ve got alot to learn.

I am passionate about people,women specifically, doing what they can to protect themselves.   I feel like all too many college age people, girls especially leave themselves open to becoming a victim.   I don’t feel bad for saying that last sentence at all, even though some people will probably bite my head off for it.   I feel like you have to take protecting yourself as a high priority, because there are bad people out there, and no matter where you are in life you SHOULD be able to leave your door unlocked, but that doesn’t mean you can.   I grew up in a tiny little town where everyone knew everyone and everyone’s business.   I could go back to that town and make myself at home in quite a few people’s houses.   Would they be shocked to find me sitting on their couch drinking their soda’s and eating ice cream?  Yes, but they’d be relieved it was just me hanging out on their couch, and the fact they still had a couch.   When I was in HS (over 4 years ago, dang I’m gettin old), someone stole a truck that was parked outside a local agricultural business because it had the keys in it.   Well soon after everyone started locking their cars, and houses, for about 2 weeks.   That’s what happens people realize “Oh WOWZERS that could be me.”  So they lock the door to their house for about a week or two and then they realize having the keys is a big inconvenience, so they don’t lock the door anymore.

Well I don’t do that.   My doors are always locked, and instead of the wimpy screws they send with your door lock kits my trapshooter/adopted uncle/window installer put my locks in with 6″ window screws.  You wanna bust my steel door down, your gonna cause a big enough scene that I’ve got time to have a surprise waiting for you if I’m home.   You aren’t coming in and taking my things without some effort.   I feel like too many people just leave themselves open to have their home burglarized, or be made a victim.   I don’t want to be an easy target, and I don’t want others to be an easy target either.   While remembering your keys is a pain in the butt once in a while, it’s part of being a responsible adult.

Women all too often (stereotyping I know) feel like, well there are cops to keep me safe, or someone will see me in distress and come to my aid.   I’ll call the cops for someone if I see them being harmed, but no way am I inserting myself between an aggressor and a victim.  Cops have a response time though, and growing up in a rural area like I did, and live in currently that response time is somewhat lengthy.  Every person out there, man or woman, has the ability to defend themselves.  Even if you aren’t a gun person like I am they make other options of personal defense items.   I’m not trying to push people to do something they feel unsafe with (such as carrying a concealed weapon), but I am trying to push people to be more aware of their surroundings, and focus a little more on looking out for their own well being when dealing with others.

Rant over.


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